YTO France: A European Centre for Expertise

Since YTO Group tookover the Saint-Dizier production site (France) in 2011, YTO France has employed its unmatched industrial know-how to design, manufacture and assemble tractor systems and components. This industrial complex in eastern France relies on a commercial pillar located just outside Paris to export YTO’s products throughout Europe and China.

Few figures:

En 2014 :

  • 2 locations in France
  • 19 million in sales revenue in 2014
  • 189 employees

4 core competencies:

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A Research & Development team of engineers strives daily to create innovations, improve the performance of systems and components and ensure their compatibility with the broadest possible range of tractors.

YTO France, fabrication des composants destinés aux transmissions pour tracteurs


The Saint-Dizier site’s highly controlled manufacturing process ensures quality production to unique specifications.

YTO France, ligne d'assemblage du site de Saint Dizier


The two assembly lines at this site can be rapidly adjusted to accommodate changes in volume to meet clients’ varying needs.

YTO France, plateforme conditionnement expédition


The sales and marketing team based in Champigny-sur-Marne (France) cooperates with the
R&D team to provide the custom solutions clients expect, and promotes a distribution network
extending throughout Europe and China.