Châlon-en-Champagne fair already began. With 800 exhibitors and 250 000 visitors, you have to be present. Come to visit YTO France just near “pavillon du futur”. See you there !



Have a look around the fair, and you can find interesting spots. Like animals, have a ride, find future and past or Became a giant!



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The site had its first factory 78 years ago. Seven Decades of transmission creation.
Installed since 2011, following the acquisition of the McCormick factory in Saint-Dizier. YTO France produces agricultural equipement, transmission specially. With 208,000 m², consisting of an administrative building, productions lines , storage warehouse, testing ground and 169 employees, the company has everything it needs its activity. By relying on its multicultural teams YTO France has become a well-oiled engine in creating transmissions. To give you an idea of  evolution since 2011, the output of finished product of the factory has been multiplied by 8.
Always evolving and with great ambitions YTO now sells tractors in France. The company is serene in the market with a range of tractors 25 – 50 Hp. Long tests in factories and with French farmers confirmed the efficiency and reliability of the models. Over the months of YTO testing, listened to the user tips and made changes in line with the reports. Many testers became owners. YTO therefore provides a guarantee by the age of its site, which has always been recognized for the creation of transmission.

Discover our Tractors :

Type SG254


For several years, YTO has been present at major agricultural events. With its tractors manufactured in France, YTO aims to seduce the market. A company with ambitions who bring a new dimension in offer and will satisfy demand.

Taking advantage of five days of exposure to SIMA, YTO displays a commercial policy that opens in France. With the creation of transmissions and the assembly of medium-power tractors, YTO created in Saint-Dizier a place where French and Chinese knowledge giving birth to ready-to-use machines. During this days of exchange YTO organized a small game contest allowing the lucky ones to leave with a miniature model of YTO. As for the models in exhibition we had:

  • 504 / 504D : The 504’s roller or cab type tractors are equipped with a 3.74 liter YTO POWER engine with 4 cylinder, mechanical regulation and an in-line fuel injection system. The muffler is placed on the side and they have a tank with a capacity of 62/58 liter. This small size range offers a good torque and power ratio while saving fuel. A compact, complete and efficient range of 50hp with the possibility of adding charger and other options (lifting, wheels, etc.).
  • SG254 / SG254C : Also available with hoop or cab are equipped with a 1,532 liter YTO POWER engine with 3 cylinder, mechanical regulation, in line injection pump. The tank has a capacity of 30 liters. With 25Ch this range follows that of the 504. So it is also possible to choose from many options.After SIMA closing, YTO reveals its dating figures. In five days YTO recorded 3000 visitors, 600 of whom left their contact details. There were 150 people who showed great interest in YTO products. YTO identified 40 dealers, 25 of whom expressed the wish for future collaboration. We can see the brand is attractive!To give you an idea of the dating trends there is a table comparing the SIMA from 2015 to 2017.


Translation caption:
Total visitor number
Visitor with whom we had a conversation
Dealer / User
Dealer / user  interested

Since 2011 the compagny is very active. The positive trend in dating and the increase in exhibition space are the results of the new expansion policy. We can expect to see more YTO logo in our campaigns.

In the midst of big, new builders, YTO standing out with a dynamic team and a pleasant stand. Without having to blush of its competitors, there is some photos to allow you to get an idea.